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Permits and Licenses


Some licenses such as animal and liquor licenses are regulated by the State.   A license to close a street for a block party or place a dumpster in the right-of-way temporarily were designed by the City to accommodate the needs of the residents and businesses. 


The following are permits and licenses residents or business owners are required to obtain from the City of Evansville Clerk's Office:

​Alcohol Licenses

The purpose of alcohol licensing in the State of Wisconsin is to better ensure the public health and welfare of Wisconsin residents.

The State of Wisconsin requires all persons who vend, sell, deal or traffic intoxicating liquors or fermented malt beverages to be licensed with their local government.

As a result, anyone who vends, sells, deals or traffics any alcoholic beverages within City limits, in any amount, is required to first obtain a license from the City of Evansville (See Wisconsin Statues §125 and Chapter 6 Alcohol Beverages in the City of Evansville Municipal Code).

Animal Licenses

Business Permits
List of issued Mobile Vendor or Solicitor's License (Coming Soon)

Street Use Permits



Up to date Information on: Absentee Voting Registration Ballot Tracking Voting Hours/Locations What's on My Ballot?

For the year of 2024, the City of Evansville will be switching from paper poll books to electronic poll books called Badger Books. Badger Books are used to check in voters, print tally slips, enter registrations, and record absentee voters. They work just like the paper poll books and voters will still confirm their name and address with poll workers and sign for their printed slip containing their voter number that they will then hand in to get their ballot. The following is a link to a short introductory video:

An Introduction to Badger Books