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Evansville EMS was started on January 1, 1962. Today, Evansville EMS continues to provide professional and timely Emergency Medical Services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to the City of Evansville and surrounding townships within our service area. Evansville EMS has two (2) ambulances that are prepared to provide these services that are requested by citizens or those passing through our area. Currently Evansville EMS is staffed by 12 members. In 2016 Evansville EMS responded to 519 calls for service. 


As of January 1, 2024, Evansville EMS has upgraded to provide flexible staffing to the Advanced EMT level. With this advancement, Evansville EMS can provide a higher level of care to our patients, including establishing IV access and administering additional medications. 


The Emergency Medical Technician typically represents one of the first components of the emergency medical system. The EMT Basic course prepares individuals to care for patients at accident scenes and other trauma incidents, for patient illness in residential settings, and patient care and transport by ambulance to the hospital under medical direction. The course emphasizes emergency skills such as managing respiratory and cardiac emergencies, other medical emergencies, trauma emergencies and patient assessment, and teaches these skills in a job-related context. The National Registry of EMT’s test is required at the completion of the course for licensure in the State of Wisconsin. The semester long course is also a pre-requisite for Advanced EMT (AEMT), EMT-Intermediate and EMT-Paramedic training. The EMT-Basic course is a 5 credit, 180 hour course, plus 10+ hours in a hospital emergency room setting and ambulance ride-along training.

Meet Our Staff

Carolyn Kleisch

EMS Chief

608-882-2269 (Non-emergency)