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Maple Hill Cemetery is located at 200 Cemetery Street in Evansville, WI. Click here for Google Maps directions.


Maple Hill currently covers 32 acres, with future expansion of 16 acres on the south side.  At present, there are approximately 15,000 burials on record. 


Burial Arrangements

A Burial Request Form​​ must be submitted to the Clerk's Office in-person, by phone or by email at least two business days before the time of burial. A confirmation of receipt and burial date and time will be communicated in return.



Maple Hill Cemetery Burial Request




Holy CrOSS Cemetery Burial Request






*If Lot Owner/Space information is needed, requests shall be made prior to the submission of the Burial Request Form. 


The cemetery Sexton is a public works employee, and all the records pertaining to the cemetery are maintained at Evansville City Hall, Clerk's Office.  The cost of maintaining the cemetery is covered by finances received from taxpayers, with some income generated by lot sales, foundation permits, and fees for opening and closing graves.  Recently, the cemetery added a columbarium, an above-ground repository for cremated individuals.  More information can be found in our brochure below. 











During summer weather the mowing of the cemetery takes approximately one acre per hour or 32 hours a week.  Weed eating around the 15,000 headstones requires approximately 80 hours.  The cemetery has two major clean ups a year.  One in the spring and the other in the fall to remove the old, damaged, and neglected decorations.



















Summer decorations must be removed by November 11th, Veterans Day. No winter decorations may be installed until the Monday before Thanksgiving and must be on an approved upright support. 
Winter decorations must be removed by April 15th. No decorations, other than fresh cut flowers may be placed on any grave until four days prior to Memorial Day.


*Any decorations placed prior to these date may be removed without notice.


Prior to Memorial Day, all the veteran’s flags are placed on the graves by the local Boy Scout troop, as a way to give back to the community.  In the fall, at the end of the season, the local veteran’s organizations will remove and properly discard of the flags.



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