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The Water and Light division of Municipal Services would like to provide you the following notices:  



Electrical Power "Blinks"

Evansville Water & Light customers may experience an intermittent “blink” in their electric service from time-to-time. Blinks like this can have various causes: a tree branch slapping against a line, a squirrel grounding itself on a line, wind making the electric lines gallop, or a momentary drop in voltage from our electric transmission supplier. As you can imagine it’s hard to track down the exact cause of a blink in the system as it’s something that happens very quickly and then it’s gone. We are working on walking out the affected circuits as a precautionary measure to ensure nothing stands out to us as a potential cause for re-occurrence on our end of the system. We work hard to keep the lights on and greatly appreciate our customers and the information they provide that helps us track down any active issues.
If you experience an outage or see something that doesn’t look right don’t hesitate to call us at 608-882-2288.

Chloride Reduction Program - Water Softener Rebate

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The smart meter installation process has begun. Here at Evansville Water & Light we will install your smart meter at no extra cost and the installation only takes about 15 minutes so you'll be up and running in no time. Call today to schedule yours. For more information on these 'smart meters' click here. 

Meet Our Staff


Scott Kriebs

Municipal Services Director



Kerry Lindroth

Water and Light Foreperson