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Renewable Energy Program

Evansville Water & Light is committed to being an environmentally responsible utility. We are dedicated to improving our community’s quality of life through active environmental stewardship.

As a public power utility, we have demonstrated a strong, long-standing commitment to environmental protection. We are committed to minimizing the impact our business has on the environment with technologies and processes that are socially responsible, scientifically based and economically sound.



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Renewable Energy Programs for Residents


Renewable Energy Programs for Businesses

  • Renewable Energy Blocks for Businesses- Consider purchasing renewable energy from us. If you purchase 100% renewable energy to power your business, you can bet your customers would like to know. We can help you spread the word.

  • Renewable Energy Grants for Non-Profit Organizations-  We offer grants to non-profit organizations that can't take advantage of the various tax credits available to other for-profit entities. 

  • Focus on Energy Renewable Energy Programs for Business- Check out the various programs that Focus on Energy has to offer. These programs have limited funding.


Still have questions?

As your not-for-profit local municipal utility, we want to do whatever we can to help. If you have questions about the energy efficiency programs we offer, please contact: Darren Jacobson, Energy Services Manager, (608)-720-8082


Meet Our Staff


Scott Kriebs

Municipal Services Director