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Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is good for the environment and good for your pocketbook. We are here to help you find ways to save energy. We offer unique local programs and we also participate in the statewide Focus On Energy Program, which offers lots of ways to help you save energy.  The Focus on Energy is funded by ratepayers like you, so please use this resource.

Time of Day

  • Time Of Day Information- Time of day pricing allows customers to reduce their costs by using their energy more during off peak hours.  Off peak hours are weekends, holidays and at night. 

If you wish to have an analysis run please return this brochure with your account information.  You may also call 608-882-2266 or email and request an analysis. 

You need to provide your account number, name and best phone number to reach you during the day. 



Residential Programs

These are a few of the programs that are currently offered through our participation in Focus On Energy.

  • Simple Energy Efficiency- Sign up for free and low-cost energy savings packs to be delivered to your door.

  • New Homes Program- Build smarter and save money for the life of your home. 

  • Home Performance Program- Learn how to make your home more efficient, safe and comfortable. This audit based program offers incentives for insulation, air sealing,  and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning  (HVAC) equipment. 

  • Residential Solar - The City of Evansville can buy the renewable energy your house produces. 

  • Water-Friendly Savings - Use code WWD22 to receive free shipping on select items. 


Business Programs

You work hard to grow your business, and cutting out wasted energy will help make your business stronger. Here are some programs that can help your business save energy.


Still have questions?

As your not-for-profit local municipal utility, we want to do whatever we can to help. If you have questions about the energy efficiency programs we offer, please contact: Darren Jacobson, Energy Services Manager, (608)-720-8082


Meet Our Staff


Scott Kriebs

Municipal Services Director



Kerry Lindroth

Water and Light Foreperson