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Community Development Plans

Smart Growth Comprehensive Plan

The original smart growth plan for the City of Evansville was adopted in 2005 as a vision for the future of our community. The City of Evansville, WI Smart Growth Comprehensive Plan, updated November 2015, continues this work by re-evaluating the City’s goals and objectives related to a wide range of topics. An in-depth analysis of the following topics are included: 

  • Issues and Opportunities
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Utilities, Community Facilities & Services
  • Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources
  • Economic Development
  • Land Use
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation
  • Implementation 

Throughout the preparation of The City of Evansville, WI Smart Growth Comprehensive Plan, updated November 2015, community members, business leaders, and city staff worked together to establish a plan for achieving our common vision for Evansville’s future.   

A Vision for 2035

Evansville is a unique, inclusive and vibrant city with the atmosphere and character of a small urban village. Quality of life is high, with recreation and services easily accessible by many modes of transportation. A sense of community is promoted through urban design and mutual respect.

The historic identity of Evansville is reinforced by continuous architectural maintenance and restoration throughout the City, while innovative City policies and property owners maintain modern amenities, management practices, and energy independence. Evansville’s downtown is a successful, active and attractive gathering place for shopping and community events, providing a vibrant third space for residents, employees and visitors. Evansville is an inviting place for entrepreneurs and start-ups, with many innovative businesses populating the City.

Smart Growth Comprehensive Plan Document 

Cover Page and Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Smart Growth Summary

Chapter 2:  Introduction

Chapter 3:  Issues and Opportunities

Chapter 4:  Housing Element

Chapter 5:  Transportation Element

Chapter 6:  Utilities, Community Facilities, & Services

Chapter 7:  Agricultural, Natural, & Cultural Resources

Chapter 8:  Economic Development

Chapter 9:  Existing Land Use

Chapter 10:  Future Land Use

Chapter 11:  Intergovernmental Cooperation

Chapter 12:  Implementation



Smart Growth Comprehensive Plan Maps 

Map 5.1  Transportation Plan Map 

Map 6.1  Sanitary Sewer Service Areas Map

Map 6.2  Storm Sewer Service Area Map

Map 6.3  Water System Service Area Map

Map 6.4  Electrical System Documentation  

Map 6.5  Utilities and Community Facilities Map 

Map 7.1  Natural Features and Development Challenges

Map 8.1  Current TIF Districts Map

Map 9.1  Existing Land Use Map 

Map 9.2  Existing Zoning Map (Revision 2)

Map 10.1  Future Land Use Map (Revision 1)


Themes for Planning in Evansville

In developing this plan five important themes were defined. These themes provide a framework for understanding future development in Evansville. The themes are discussed at length in Chapter 10, but as a means of introduction, the themes are:  

  1. Balance the desire for continued growth with the desire to maintain the City’s small-town atmosphere, historic character and natural resources. 
  2. Design new residential development to be more attractive to people who want to live in a walkable urban setting. 
  3. Provide abundant recreational choices for residents of all ages with varying interest and desires. 
  4. Designate areas for and create a climate to encourage new service/retail/office commercial and light industrial development.
  5. Improve mobility and accessibility options available within a comprehensive transportation network. 

The Plan is an expression of the city's goals, future needs, and demand for facilities.

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