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Street Sweeping

The City uses a larger street sweeper to remove sediment and other debris from the streets. Street sweeping is a slow process with gutter line speeds that can be as low as 2 to 3 miles per hour. To reduce the amount of particulate materials emitted into the air during sweeping operations a sprayer is used to wet the roadway as it is being swept.


Please be kind and blow your lawn clippings into your yard for natural decomposing.  When the lawn clippings clump together they create major clogs in the stormwater drainage system which can contribute to flash flooding and standing water in the streets.  Street sweeping is not intended to collect your blowing of weekly lawn clippings into the street.  


Spring sweeping primarily consists of removal of snow and ice control aggregate, sediment, and other debris on the road surfaces. Spring sweeping shall begin as soon as possible when streets are generally clear of snow and ice and when daytime ambient temperatures remain above freezing.  Regular street sweeping occurs the 2nd week of the month, after yard waste pick up.  


Sweeping operations are conducted as necessary throughout the year. Some factors that may prohibit or delay sweeping operations include temperatures below freezing, heavy rain, snow, and frozen gutter lines. If you feel you have a street needing attention please contact us.


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