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Housing Authority


Evansville Housing Authority provides stable, quality affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income families throughout the local area.  

Evansville Housing Authority manages South Meadow Apartments, a 20 unit elderly and/or disabled apartment complex, with Section 8 rental assistance. 

Voucher holders are free to choose any rental that meets requirements of the program and the landlord is willing to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program.


Once a family finds a home that they wish to rent, EHA must inspect it to make sure that it meets HUD’s housing quality standards. EHA also checks to make sure that the rents are reasonable and within the fair market rent range for Evansville. Households assisted through the HCV Program pay 30% of their income toward the rent. EHA pays private landlords the difference between what participating households pay and the rent for the units.

455 South 1st Street, Unit 21
Evansville, Wisconsin, 53536