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Utility Rates

What Rate is right for you?

Now that all of our meters have been converted over to AMI, we are able to accurately provide the Time of Day (TOD) Rate to residential customers.  This rate charges less during the evening and more during the day.  The purpose is to give customers the ability to control their bill and reduce the impact of high utility use during peak demand. 

On each bill, whether you are using the TOD rate or not, your meter reading will have both on and off-peak use tracked and printed.  Creating a record of on and off-peak use will allow the customer to determine what rate best suits their needs.

We encourage customers to use the on and off-peak rate if it provides savings.  The more that our electric users balance their use, the less the utility will have to spend on infrastructure for peak demand use.  The more that has to be generated during on-peak periods equals waste in the off-peak periods if not used.  Besides saving money through balanced use, we all can do our part to reduce carbon emissions. 

Below are examples of the two types of rates and a breakdown of the bills.  If you wish to change from a “Flat” or regular rate to the TOD rate please contact City Hall at 608-882-2266 and we will assist you.  Customers are allowed to switch their rate once every 12 months, therefore a review of your use for 12 months with an AMI meter is recommended.    

Updated Rates coming soon...

"Flat Rate" or Regular Residential RATE

Time of Day Residential RATE

New Water Rate


Water Rate Tariff


City Utility Rates

As with all utilities rates must be imposed and altered from time to time. As a customer you will see a variety of charges. The main utility charges on your bill will include stormwater fee, water use, sewer use and electric use. Below are documents and links showing what the charges are, how rates were determined and your rights as a consumer.

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