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Adopt A Park

Program Details

The Adopt-A-Park program was created to give citizens an opportunity to volunteer in our city’s parks.  Their time spent doing upkeep, cleaning, maintenance, beautification, and preservation of our parks helps to provide a safer, more beautiful park experience for the entire community.  

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in the Adopt-A-Park program; individuals, families, churches, businesses, and civic groups can all do their part to help maintain and improve our parks.  The parks in our community vary in size and some locations are great for large groups, while other park spaces could easily be maintained by one or two people.


The City of Evansville Adopt-A-Park program creates a powerful partnership between the citizens of Evansville and the City of Evansville Park & Recreation Department. This partnership allows valuable communication and feedback between these two groups which results in cleaner, safer, and more user-friendly parks in the community.


  • Civic Engagement: The Adopt-A-Park program fosters civic engagement by providing an opportunity for volunteers to give back to the community.  Adopt-A-Park volunteers are able to make noticeable improvements to our city’s parks, and the results of these improvements are enjoyed by the volunteers, as well as the rest of the community.
  • Care for the Environment: Not only does the Adopt-A-Park program improve the environment by picking up trash and planting flowers, it also raises awareness of the importance of protecting our natural spaces.  As citizens observe the positive changes occurring in their neighborhood parks, they may be less likely to litter and instead show respect and care for the parks available to them.
  • Safer, More Beautiful Parks: Volunteers in the Adopt-A-Park program provide services that go beyond what the City of Evansville Park & Recreation Department has the time or budget for.  While regular maintenance like grass cutting will be done by the City, Adopt-A-Park volunteers add special touches to the park like mulch, flower beds, and trash removal.  An adopted park is a safer park because it is free of waste and other potentially hazardous items. Adopt-A-Park volunteers save our city money while continuing to improve and service the city’s parks.


How to Sign Up


The process of adopting a park, trail or open space is a simple one. Fill out the application.
 and return it to: 

The City of Evansville

P.O. Box 529

Evansville, WI 53536

or email:


You can apply at any time during the year. The City will call you when your application has been approved and work with you on dates and activities. 

Start volunteering!



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